Donna Marie Sergi as Desdemonia for pics & resume & link to actor slate actor slate directly on this page - *Just in case you know someone who needs make up or skincare.

Donna Marie Sergi          

SAG / AFTRA                                 

(661) 993-3334              

Height: 5’3”                           Hair: Black

Weight: 115 lbs.                     Eyes: Brown



ROLL CALL                                                           Supporting                             William Morroni/3 Old Farts Prods.

FORBIDDEN BORDER                                      Supporting                             Henri Charr/Harmony Gold

HEAVEN’S REP                                                   Featured                                 James Brinkley/Everything Is Easy Prods.

THE GREATEST AMERICAN HEROINE        Recurring                               Caesar Collazo/Red Jammies Ent.

HEART OF FEAR                                                                Featured                                 Henri Charr/Harmony Gold

THE WAYANS BROS.                                          Featured                                 Shawn Wayans/Warner Bros.

THE SEXY LIE                                                     Supporting                             Davis & Davis

LA PLAYA                                                              Lead                                        Davis & Davis

MOTHER NATURE                                             Lead                                        Write Side Prods.



AND THEN THERE WERE NONE                    Mrs. Rogers                             Repertory East Playhouse

BETTY’S SUMMER VACATION                        Trudy                                      Repertory East Playhouse

OPEN AND SHUT MARRIAGE                         Martha                                    Repertory East Playhouse

THE BROTHERS GRIMM OUT OF ORDER   Rapunzel                                                Repertory East Playhouse

THE MOUNTAIN GIANTS                                 Diamante                                Stella Adler Studio Theatre

LIE, CHEAT AND GENUFLECT                       Miss MacKintosh                   Granada Theatre

SOUTH PACIFIC                                                 Bloody Mary*                         Canyon Theatre Guild

RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET       Navigational Officer             Canyon Theatre Guild

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW                        A Widow                                 Canyon Theatre Guild

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST                             Lucy Otis                                                Canyon Theatre Guild

DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER                           Jacqueline                              Canyon Theatre Guild

SCROOGE! THE MUSICAL                               Mrs. Cratchit                          Canyon Theatre Guild

LEND ME A TENOR                                           Maria                                      Canyon Theatre Guild

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                 Sentinel Fairy                        Canyon Theatre Guild

ALADDIN AND HIS WONDERFUL LAMP     Princess                                   Jewel Box Theatre

CLOWNS’ PLAY                                                   Moxy                                       Granada Theatre

TALKING WITH...                                                Mary Titfer                             NVJCC

HELLO OUT THERE                                           The Girl                                  The Vortex

CHRISTMAS CARD                                             Maude                                    CSUN Studio Theatre

MEGAN’S ATTIC                                                 The Cheerleader                     Off Ramp Theatre

THIS WEEK                                                          Camper                                   CSUN Studio Theatre

THE WINTER’S TALE                                        Dorcas/Ensemble                    CSUN Studio Theatre

THE MATCHMAKER                                          Minnie Fay                            CSUN Studio Theatre

WHEN YOU COMIN’ BACK, RED RYDER?    Cheryl                                     CSUN Studio Theatre



Stella Adler Academy of Acting

California State University, Northridge: B.A. Theatre Arts

Acting: Tom Garner, Amy Lyndon, Patrick Pankhurst, Charles Waxberg, Stacy Ray, Irene Gilbert, Kathleen Freeman,

Jack Axelrod, Linda deVries, Catherine Deszeran

Commercial: Woody Fincher, Margie Bowman

Dance/Movement: Jennifer Marie Thompkins, Sally Whalen, Marilyn Henkus

Singing: Marian Bodnar, Carol Roberts

Voice and Speech: Linda deVries

Voiceover: Arlin Miller


*Goldie Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress



Donna Marie Sergi

(661) 993-3334




Assistant with more than 10 years of experience in the field as well as sales and customer service. Strongly committed to the enhancement of professional environment and management of the business of the employer with detail and alacrity. 




Casting Assistant for AEA Productions of “Beyond Therapy,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “SubUrbia,” “Betty’s Summer Vacation,” Feature Films “Heart of Fear” and “Abe and Bruno,” BJS Productions 2005–Present

  • Collect photos and resumes of local theatre talent
  • Review and pull pictures of online and mailed in submissions
  • Interview actors in casting sessions
  • Help create audition schedule


Personal Assistant / Sales / Customer Service, The Eleanor Group, 2008

  • Answer heavy telephone call volume
  • Assist the fundraising directors in acquiring new teachers and schools for the fundraising program
  • Research schools and day spas on the Internet
  • Perform data entry using Filemaker
  • Create event reports in Word


Personal Assistant to James Hong, Hong Studios, 2007–2008

  • Organize home and work offices
  • Sort and file headshots, one sheets, production stills and paperwork
  • Create and update schedule for feature film
  • Take notes of phone conferences
  • Suggest actors for casting feature film
  • Perform script coverage of feature film script


Personal Asst. to Dir., Irene Gilbert, Stella Adler Academy of Acting, 1998–2007

  • Represent the Academy as a docent, reviewing the history of the school and its technique
  • Schedule interviews / auditions
  • Help Ms. Gilbert prepare for potential student interviews and special events
  • Register students
  • Interface the review board regarding advertising and promotional activities
  • Associate in promotional activities, i.e., book sales, alumni guest speakers, fundraisers
  • Assist Ms. Gilbert in completion of student evaluations
  • Organize Ms. Gilbert’s home office to aid with preparation of taxes
  • Shop for Ms. Gilbert’s clothing, groceries and gifts
  • Care for family pet, i.e.: grooming, feeding, giving medicine, walking, etc.
  • Drive Ms.Gilbert to doctor appointments and special academy events


Assistant to Producer Steele Shannon during production of “A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper”, Oak Films, LLC, 2006–2007

  • Set appointments for accredited and qualified investors with Mr. Shannon
  • Make bank deposits and withdrawals for Mr. Shannon’s personal and business accounts
  • Interdigitate Mr. Shannon’s various filing systems to work more efficiently
  • Answer heavy telephones and transfer calls
  • Record Mr. Shannon’s telephone messages
  • Type letters to Mr. Shannon’s clients and business associates using Word
  • Provide already existing clients with project updates


Personal Assistant / Sales Manager to the V.P., Erica Allbee, Horizons Unlimited, 2003

  • Research leads of mortgage companies, banks and document retrieval servicing mortgages in the Northeastern region of the United States   
  • Contact companies' personnel in charge of vendor management
  • Promote our mortgage document retrieval services via e-mail, FAX and mail
  • Type letters to prospects in Word format
  • Ship documents to home office in Boston
  • Assist  Ms. Allbee in travel arrangements
  • Launder clothing and pack for business trips
  • Shop for office supplies and personal items




Enumerator, US Bureau of Census, 2009

  • Data entry of new addresses into hand held computer
  • Brief interviews with residents and resident managers
  • Add map spots for homes in assignment areas
  • Create reports of unusual circumstances in the field
  • Best of crew in the top 30%


Producer of “Red Right Return”, Exec. Prod. Bobby Moresco, Papillon Picture Co., 2008

  • Raise funds for feature film via accredited and qualified investors
  • Qualify investors
  • Summarize project and estimated returns
  • Review subscription, IRA documents and private placement memorandum
  • Research cast and crew
  • Provide already existing clients with project updates


Associate Producer for Modern Twain Stories: “The Prince and the Pauper” and “The Kings of Appletown,” Exec. Prod. Bobby Moresco, Oak Films, LLC, 2006–2007 


Sales Representative, Talladium, Inc., 2003–2006


Advertising Sales Representative/Prospect Manager, Fanfare Media Works, 2001–2003





B.A., California State University, Northridge

Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Hollywood, CA




Administration, Casting, Comstar, Customer Service, Data Entry, Filemaker, Filing, Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, Word, iCal, iChat, Mac, PC, Sales, Script Coverage, Telemarketing, Typing (55 wpm)




Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Goldie Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress as ‘Bloody Mary’ in “South Pacific” 2003-2004, Hiking, Movies, Most Dedicated Player Award for “The Taming of the Shrew” 2003, Scrapbooking, Singing, Theatre, Yoga


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